Monday, July 27, 2009

Being a senior.

For the first time, I turned into a senior for this semester. Senior for part one and part two. even though part two and part three is in the same stage of age but they must follow the rules. That means respect us as a senior. I am not totally senior because I have another super senior and I must respect them as a senior. I just become a senior and I don't have to much experience of it . Honestly, being a senior or not its the same for me because its only the title to make a gap between us but either way the age of the senior and junior are same, the important thing they must know that we respect them because they have more experience than we had.

Continue about senior, in my wing, we have seven part one, five from part two and another else are super senior consists of part four, five and the last stage before grand - part six. Became a senior, all the junior must do the Program Salam Ukhuwah or better known PSU. Junior especially part one have to go to all room in my wing and introduce their self to senior. Senior can ask any question and all the question must have the answer. After that, all information about senior such as full name, date of birth and also the most important are the signature from senior must be record and will be sent to wing cap for check. They must complete this rules because it makes senior and junior become more close after know each others.

As a senior, I think I can give guidance to all my junior about a lot of things such as the best lecturer for certain subject, exchange knowledge and guide them on how to achieve their target in examination. And the other important thing is they need to smile to the senior. Its a duty for them to prevent from getting bullied. So please take note about smile to a senior, it is the most important thing when you still in the stage of junior.

Till here. Next entry, I will post about my classmate. See you soon. Salam.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

talkative roommate's. yaww!

Okay , sorry for making everybody wait for this entry. As stated earlier , today I will post an entry on my roommates. Every semester , " Unit Pengurusan Kolej " or better know as " UPK " would change the room of every students based on their CGPA. Thus , everytime a new semester start I would go through the same step again. Obviously , its troublesome to get new roommates every semester but then I would get to know some new friends. Currently , I have two new roommates and one of my roommates is actually my old roommates. So here is some interesting facts of the people that colours my life.

Firstly , Nur Zuwana binti Omar. I call her " kak wana ". 20 years old this year. She was born at Hospital Daerah Kuala Pilah on 15 October 1989. Currently , she is staying at Kuala Pilah , Negeri Sembilan. She is my senior since last semester. Moreover , she like's to eat " Nasi Goreng Paprik " and Iced Milo as her favourite drink. Her favourite singer is Anuar Zain while her favourite actor Kamal Adli. She adores Anuar Zain because of his amazing voice. She becomes all excited and energetic when she hears Anuar Zain's song " Lelaki Ini " on the radio. She select his potential candidate by making them singing Anuar Zain's song. She is the six out of seven siblings. She has five sisters , a brother and a younger sister. In addition , she is a caring , talkative and funny person. That's why she is in a relationship with someone who is characteritically inclined with her. Currently , she is in Diploma in Infomation Management in her fourth semester and her ambition to be a lecturer in Information Management.

Next , my second roommate is Nurul Atikah binti Yusuff. She is 20 years old and she is from Selayang , Kuala Lumpur. I call her " Kak Iqa " She was born at Felda Sungai Behrang , Perak. That means she is not born and raised in Selangor. My first impression when I saw her , she is a shy person but after getting to know her , she is actually a good sister. Next , her favourite food and drink is " Carrot Susu " and " Nasi Goreng Daging Merah " from our dining. :) Moving on to her favourite singer and actor , she likes Aaron Aziz and Metalicca. She now in part five Diploma in Business Study ( DBS ). She want to be a succesful businesswoman. She is the third from four beloved siblings and special about her is she has a critical thinking. :)

Lastly , my next roommate is my old roommate when I was in part one. Her name is Puteri Balqis binti Omar. We were in the same room when we were in part one , but for the second semester , we are separated but still in the same floor. She has my neighbour for last semester and for this semester , we become roommate again. She is 19 years old and currently staying at Bukit Belacan , Ampang , Selangor. She was born on 20 April 1990 at Hospital Bersalin Kuala Lumpur ( HBKL ). She is very cute and a very good listener. We even laugh and cry together. But here is a secret , the first time I saw her I was expecting her to be really quiet. That just prove how first impression does not define a person. She love's to watch korean drama. Just name the title of a story movie from Korea , and you could bet that she know all about it and of course already watch it. She also admire Taylor Swift. " Bandung Cincau " and Domino's Pizza is her favourite food and drink. In addition , she is also a good cook and that would definitely be a plus point for her future husband. Now she is a part three student of Diploma in Investment Analysis and her ambition is the same with kak wana that is to be a lecturer. Because to her as a lecturer she could manage time well to be with her family.

from left : Nadia , Balqis , Kak Iqa , Kak Wana and I. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009


will post entry by tittle " My roommates. "
after this.

Final draf. About me.

Hello world! I 'm new in blogging. So now , I want to introduce my self. Firstly, my name is Amirah Syafiqah binti Jamaluddin. Name mean " The princess that have beautiful heart and caring. " :) My birthday was on 30 October 1990. For this year, I'm sweet-19 years old. I'm Scorpio. I'm was born at Hospital Bersalin Kuala Lumpur ( HBKL ). Talking about Scorpio , most people from this zodiac are caring and hot - tempered. Scorpio are also understanding's and also always think positive on what they are do.

Now , I would like to share about part of my life. Talking about food , I'm the person that love food a lot. If I get a chance , I really want to try all types of food but I can't because I have an allergy to certain food such as "" belacan ". So , the most suitable food that I love until now is Nasi Pataya. About drink , I don't have specific drinks as my favourite since I love all type of drinks. However , I really like watermelon and tea ais. Okay now , continue about movies. Honestly , I don't like to watch scary movies because it makes me uncomfortable. so , I love universal movies. About hobbies , I love to read novel because the story bring me into the fantasy world. My favourite writer - HLOVATE. For TV show , I love to watch " macam - macam Aznil " because it makes me laugh. It is a truly funny show. Did your hear like " Jerat Percintaan " , " Ku Mahu " , " Di Taman Teman " and a lot famous song from her? The beautiful voices from Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. I only just love her as a singer.

I am currently studying in UiTM Segamat , Johor. Now in third semester Diploma in Banking. The most interesting about my course , when we said that we are in Diploma in Banking , people know that we will be banker but they don't know we also can work in another job related with money. About college , I love my college the name is unique - Zamrud. The theme colour for Zamrud's college is pink and it make us look more feminine.

Now , I would like to talk about my parents and my beloved siblings. I am daughter for Encik Jamaluddin and Puan Aminah. They was already married by 21 years old. My parents are government workers. My dad work at Majlis Perbandaran Selayang as Penolong Pegawai Tadbir and my mom as typist at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ( UTM ). Both of them are 47 years old. I have six siblings and I'm the eldest sister. All of my siblings are talkative person and funny so it makes me happy living with them.

Monday, July 6, 2009

about my self.

Hi. My name is Amirah Syafiqah binti Jamaluddin. from Gombak, Selangor. I'am 19 years old. study at UiTM Segamat , Johor. Diploma in Banking. Nice to meet u friends. :)