Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 facts about me.

Talk about 10 facts about me, I think is not enough for me. :) I want to share to my all friends because from this, they can 'read' what my secret behind name Amirah Syafiqah binti Jamaluddin. Hope you guys enjoy read 10 facts about me. :)

1. Love to read novel.

Oh no, I will be crazy when I know my favorite novelist launch a new novel. Do you know who is HLOVATE? Oh god, she a wonderful! Seriously. I have all her’s novel. From the 1st novel until now but I did not yet buy the new novel from her - PELANGI. hehe.. Not easy to find novel from HLOVATE at Segamat . So when I go back to KL, I will run over all the book store at KL. Like always, I will buy at Kinokuniya at KLCC. The biggest book store in KL. They always update their collection so fast!

2. Family first.

Yes! Very important in my life. Half of my life is family. I don’t care if people said why you always go back to your house every week? It can waste your money right? Please learn to be independent and your are too spoils. What ever you said about me, I just ignore because when you be close with your family, you will know how the feel the truth love from family. Seriously.

3. A little bit hot - tempered

Haha. I think 100 % follow my father. yeah, father's daughter. Actually, not all the situation I will change to hot tempered but in certain situation. I can control my hot - tempered for this time. That why I choose the man that have cool character. It will be contra with my personality.

4. I love all my friend.

Compared with friendship, gold is dirt. Right?? If you ask me, who are my favorite friends?? I don’t have answer because all my friend make me smile, make me happy, always in my behind if I sad or not. I just love all my friends.

5. Alarm and phobia

You know what, I will immediately wake up at the morning if I heard sound from my surroundings. Example sound from alarm. I’m so allergic with alarm. It’s make me in phobia. For me, sleeping beauty very importance and if our sleep is bother, its can create negative attitude at the morning. So, if you want to wake up early in the morning, just turn on your alarm, I will wake up you back. Promise! :)

6. Hostel.

When I know that I will continue my study at Segamat, I can't imagine that I will manage all my self alone! but now, people will be change and will be learn right?? Sometimes, people must be learn how to be independent.

7. Futsal.

Haha.. I love to play futsal. I love to play futsal since high school when my friend invite me to joint one game and become agent for my class. Firstly, I choose to be reserve but after that, I make changing. I can play under defend or striker but I mostly choose to be defend because it make me happy when I can hinder the adversary from make a goal. :)

8. Addicts to snap the photo.

Haha. I'm so crazy about this. In my laptop, have a lot of folder and it contain my collection photo. I will snap what I like and dislike to delete the picture because I think even tough the picture are not clearly but it have sentimental value that must to remember. After I have my own blog, I become more crazy to share my photo too all my readers. My father also will ignorance and understand if his digital camera lost because I will take and bring the camera to all place I go. That’s why I too take care about mega pixels in the camera. Photographing is interesting!

9. Shopping.

This favorites I think all the woman like to because as a woman, we have nine passion and one mind. Haha.. the places that I like to go shopping?? Of course Jaya Jusco because my size at there! Haha.. The price also not too expensive.

10. Universal listener

Music is everything. It can give you inspiration. That true. Music must be playing when I sleep and its make me become more asleep. After that, at the morning, I must charger my hand phone back because batteries are totally turn into zero. Haha..

Okay, that all I think you must know a part of me. :) Wait for the next entry. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

My classmate

1. Hafiz

He is one of my classmates’ active in one popular society - IRAMA. When you become close with hafiz, you will agree with my opinion that hafiz is open minded friend. You can share everything with him and he as a friend can give 110% attention to you

2. Dhamirie

Talk about dhamirie, my first impression, he was so bored because not talkative person and look more proud with him self but now, I think he can be a good friend. He also funny and love to smile.

3. Afiq

Soo quite person! Not talking too much but Afiq love smile to everyone. He has a girlfriend. They are very cute couple. Both of them were suitable and sweet couple. When you are opened Afiq's MySpace, you can see the photo Afiq's girlfriend. Aqilah is her name. Right afiq? :)

4. Zaki

He is intelligent boy! Dean's List every sem. Proud with you zaki. For me, I thin

k he is a smart boy and have a responsibility as a leader. Before this, he is quiet person but nowadays, he was changing! Talk too much and not shy anymore. Credit to you zaki!

5. Kashfi

He is very tall person! Love to play football. He is our class rap for subject BEL 311. Nice to be your friend kash!

6. Evra

He and Syukri is new student in my class. Same with Syukri, Evra also has commitments as a commander. I recognize him from nadia. Because Nadia, Syukri and Evra under one associations for Co curriculum - Fire Man.

7. Frenkie

I don’t know too much about him. I listed him in my quiet person list. I think, he try to be successful person in life. Good Luck frenkie!

8. Syukri

He is new in my class. Before this he is from D3 class but this seme

ster he was changing class. I don’t know why, may be because he has commitment as a commander Fire Bridget. I will talk to him or admonish him if I have certain points to discuss or ask.

We were classmate and also in same wing – FD Zamrud. I know her since part one but start close with her last semester because we are in same wing from last semester. She love to sing and her roommates said, she love to hear nadia sing’s nasyid song. We are also love to gossip together and laugh until midnight. Study together and we also love to talk or gossip in bathroom. HAHA.

She is talkative person and always confident in what she did. She loves to smile and make people around her laugh. She was closed with her lovely senior – Kak Zaza. To dayah, do the best for your life!

She has twins! Yes, I know since last semester. She loves to laugh and always think positive. She also can be considering with our opinion. To ita, I hope you can be strong person and just go on with your life. Next semester, Ina (twins ita ) will transfer to UiTM Segamat. For the first time, I can face to face with both of them. Owh, so excited!

If you don’t know her, people can said that’s she is a polite person, shy but for me, she is talkative person, laugher person and you can share everything with her. I know her since part one because we are in same wing, we do MMS together, hang out together from part one until now. We are so closely in part one and also with another five person that’s same wing with us. Oh, I miss moment with them. Even though now we are not in same wing again but friendships never end. Right anis?

Actually, she is soft spoken person and always smiles. As I know, she every semester DL – Dean List. Congratulations to you wanie.Sometimes, we always were going back to our home town together. We will choose train at 2.2o am. She also is nice friend. She always wears baju kurung. We are also in same college with me. Zamrud.

She very soft – spoken! She also is mix. She loves to smile and she also one of the close friend with anis. There going to class together. Nisa usually will wait wanie and anis at Intan.

She one of Dean List student. Proud with you lana! You know what, I think lana is cute when she don’t smile but when she smile, her face will turning blushing. Lana also from my opinion, she can be tolerated or can be considering with us as a friend. She also sometimes will lead our class in several activities. She also can help us if we need her help. She has cute brothers! Johan. So cute…

>So cute! I feel like want to huge you sina. Seriously! She also loves to make joke. She closely with lana. In class, both will seat together.

Azlin ( are-leen)
>She is confident person. She has a loud voice and she also one of the Jawatankuasa pewakilan kolej (JPK) for kolej Mutiara. She can be a good friend. She can manage her time to study and with her post.She also easy out going. I think, are-leen can survive if she alone in the world. Hahaha.. Sorry are-leen. Just jokes.

She one of my study mate. We always study together when final exam and share secret together. She loves to make jokes and make us laugh. When I saw leen, I remember one things which is “ I love your voice – Miss Didie.

I don’t know too much about her but we know each others since part one. She is the shy person. She closes with norleen. What I know about her, she love Hujan band! She is Javanese

What I know about her, she has boyfriend at campus. Huhu.. I think, Ila is fashionable person. If you see ila, you will agree that if I said ila like lecturer. Hehehe.. All my friends said same things with me.She also loves to smile. I know ila since last semester when she transfer from class D1.

She one of the intelligent student. Even though we are in same college but we are not close. Faina very close with ila.I know faina since part one. Good Luck faina.

I call her Shrek! Hikhik.. Why?? Because I am not Shrek. Okay, just jokes. She is my best friend at Segamat. Sometimes, she likes my sister because she has her own opinion. I also will share everything with her. We are always hanging out together. If you see that sue is the silent person, you are wrong. Hahaha.. She also is talkative friend. Talk too much and sometimes crazy. Sue, I hope we can be best friend forever and ever. Owh, I want to introduce new name for surriyah. You can call her Surriyah Murni if you want. Hahaha.. (Ops, beware mira. Sue will kick you after this. :p )

She also, I call Shrek. Why? You know, she gives a silly teka teki. She as me, “ Mira, toyol in English what?” I said, I don’t know. She answers, Shrek! I asking her, but why?? Because toyol and shrek has same color of body that is green. See? Can I say yana is crazy?? Yes, true! Haha..She loves to laugh, laugh and laugh. I and sue will become deaf if hear yana laugh. Haha.. Okay, be serious. She also one of my best friend at Segamat. We always were going back to home town together. Same as sue, I will share everything to her. She can be another shoulder to cry and share your happy story. Even though I not same college with sue and yana, but both of them always disturb me at college. Sometimes, I will receive “SMS hangit” from them. To yana and sue, thanks for everything. Love!

Subject this semester

Hello friends, we are meeting again! For this entry, I will describe about subject this semester. I have six subject, one subject four credit hour and another else only three and two credit hour. Subject for this semester quick tough because before this we are only taken five subject. This semester added one another subject - third language. Hope you will get more information about my course after read this entry.

Firstly, Financial 262. I love this subject so much because the lecturer for this subject. He a wonder. Easy to understand when are you learn from him. The lecturer is Encik Syamsul. Two semester past, we are teach about accounting but start from this semester we are learn about financial. Financial is much better from accounting. This is my opinion. This subject are four credit hour so its can effect my CGPA when I not do the best for this subject.

Next, Economic 211. Since last semester, I learn subject economic but economic have two type. Firstly, Microeconomics - studies individual economics units. The second one is, macroeconomics - studies the aggregate behaviour of the entire economy. This subject teaching by PM Abdullah or better known PM Dollah. This subject only three credit hour but the subject also tough like Financial. I know I suppose to be happy because he a good lecturer but for me, his so fast when he teach. So, I must do the revision back after finish the class.

Third, this semester CTU are different because it is depends on faculty. In my faculty - Business Management, we are learn about economic in islam. Before this, we are teching by Ustaz Kamarulzaman but since this week, our class change lecturer, so my new lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Nawawi. Ustaz Nawawi a cute lecturer like to smile and make us laugh in him class. He also already give us the assignment related with our subject in CTU 241.

Four, BEL311. This subject not quick easy for me even though sometimes student said BEL is the subject easy to score and getting 'A' but different opinion. Honestly, I not good in English. Have many to learn about grammar, speaking, how to write a good in an essay. I will do the best for this subject even though only 3 credit hour and teaching by sir Izuan.
He give us a lot a essay that we are must publish in our blog. So, I hope after this, we can improve aur writing skills from this activity.

second last, This subject is like I said before this. My thid language. Have two choice ethier Arab or Mandarin but I like to choose arab because perhaps it make easy to me to understand meaning of Al - Quran when I are read the Kalam. This subject also teach me about how to speak in arabic language, how to use and so on. This subject only three credit hour and teaching by Ustaz Sazali. He also a wonder lecturer because he learn a lot about arabic language since arabic language before editing and after.

Lastly, QMT 216 or much better known as introduction to statistic. Teaching by Cik Aryfa. She is the new lecturer in UiTM Segamat. Born from UKM University graduate on bachelor in satistic. My banch is the second banch from her. This subject I learn about type of garph and so on. For me this subject not quick tough but must give more attention because every topic in the chapter are related with another chapter. When you not understand from last chapter, you also can not catch up again.

So friends, how?? are you interested in my course. Yeah, not easy to score but I will do the best fot this semester. I hope you guys also can prayer for me to target this subject for this semester. Thanks! :)