Sunday, October 25, 2009

My subject this semester (II)

For the end of this blog, I will tell you that there area lot of changing in subject in this semester.Not only subject include lecturer also.There is a lot of assignment should we do.

My lecturer in financial is Encik Syamsul Samsuddin. For this semester, we had already finish our syllabus one month faster.Our class are the only class that had finish our syllabus and having our test earlier. May god bless us and hope we got A+ in our test. Amin …… For our lecturer thank you very much for your teaching and good luck for Encik Syam.

Before this teaching by Ustaz Kamarulzaman but since this week, our new lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Nawawi. Ustaz Nawawi is a cute lecturer. He love to smile and make us laugh in him class. He also already gives us the assignment related with our subject in CTU 241. He also can be tolerating with us. Thank ustaz!

Firstly, I want to say congratulation to PM Abdullah because he will become Penolong Pengarah HEA. He replaces Ustaz Zailuddin. After this, PM Adbullah say, he wants to teach bachelor student. That’s, mean we are the last student diploma teach by him. He is a very good lecturer. He funny, easy to understand when he teaches and like fathers for us. We also already come to his house because we are received invitation from his. I like to eat food from his wife. So delicious! I also hope my entire classmate will get A+ in this subject.

Teach by Ustaz Syazali. What can I say about this subject, I hope this subject will increase my pointer. If you ask me, can I speak in Arab? I will say no because I only be familiar with a little bit words. Ustaz Syazali is good lecturer. He always shares with us about his experience.

Curriculum – Handball
This semester, I join sport as my Co. Why I choose handball? I don’t know may be because the time I want to register as badminton, the game already full so I take handball as my sport. In addition, mostly my friend takes hand ball as their Co. Liyana, Balqis and Fahanis same Co. with me. So, when same with them, for sure I am not seriously study about hand ball because they are crazy! Handballs teach by Cik NurAsihikin.

For this subject, mostly I learn how to write a good essay. Like this, blog same as an essay. Owh, blog. This is our last assignment. Actually, I want to say sorry to Sir Izuan because I not on time to update my blog. Now sir, I already completed all of you give to us. From this, I learn a lot how to write essay even though I am still can not write a good essay like you sir but I know I can improved it. Mostly my friend will said “mira, why you not update your English blog? One another blog, you are constantly updating. “I will answer, “English Blog could do with grammar and sir will check the blog but one more blog, is my personal blog and every one can read my blog. Its blog is come from my truly heart.” That’s mean, English blog not truly from my heart but it’s difficult to me because I am not good put in writing blog in English Language.

This subject same happen with CTU. We are got a new lecturer. Encik Zaki. He very punctual lecturer! If you came to class not on time, he will lock the door. He also I think can be tolerate with us. He always does a night class or extra class for QMT. He is rambling! He always wants all his student success. Pray for me Sir Zack. We will try the best. Amin.

From seven subjects I taken for this semester, only 5 have final paper. Pray for me and to all my friends. Hope we are got what we are want and do the best to our final. This is my last entry so after this may be I will update this blog but in universal story in English. Can you be my part time lecturer English for me? To ensure I use a correct grammar. Can? By the way, good luck for final. Assalamualaikum.

The most I like about hari raya

“Mari puji memuji kepada tuhan, titis kasihnya melimpah seluruh alam... lalalala” That most I like about hari raya! Song of raya... Only when hari raya come, lagu raya will we hear at radio or CD. At that time, song of raya will story about different story like have lagu raya said about happy in morning at syawal or sad. Whatever the lyrics, I love all song of raya especially from Dato’ Siti NurHaliza.

Next, what the most I like about hari raya is new dress! Hahaha... I mean baju kurung. When hari raya will come, my family will find the color to make baju kurung and baju melayu. What especially about my family, we are will choose baju raya and baju kurung same color every year or the color of our baju kurung and baju melayu closely. That is my parents teach me and my siblings. We are wearing same color of baju kurung and baju melayu since we are childhood until now.

My siblings especially boys, they are not embarrass when wear same color of baju melayu. In addition, they will ask my parents what kind of color in this year. They also will give opinion what color they want to wear and sometimes, my parents will ask what types we are want to wear. On the morning of raya, all my cousin will excited to know what color in this year. Mostly will give credit to us. They also said my family like ‘ boria’

My uncle said, if one of us lost, it’s easy to find because only my family wear a same color of baju raya.

Raya 2009
In the circle is my family. Another else is my cousin and my uncle
In front of Masjid Kampung Sungai Tua Baharu, Selayang.

Raya 2009
I and my sister

Raya 2008

Childhood memories of Ramadan

Ramadan? The month is all Muslim in the world will fast in 30 days or 1 month. After that, Muslim will celebrate the Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Yes, There are a lot of memories in last ramadhan. All the memories will make me smile, especially when I and my brother eat in our room without knowing by my parents after them when to work. 2 weeks after fasting going on, my father will buy us fire crackers. It’s so funny because when our parents go to work, we are take food at kitchen and bring the food to our room. When they asking both of us whether we are fasting or not? I and my brother say yes, but they know that we are lying to them.

Second, fire – cracker! As a childhood, we are can not wait until night to play fire – cracker with my cousin at my grandfather house. My grandfather house nearly from my house- 300 meter (now, I already move over near by my grandfather house).When my parents already when for work, we start playing fire crackers even do we know that our parents not aloud us to play in day time. For your information my brother finger was injured when we are playing.Until now, its give effect on his left hand. When our family asking me and my brother, both of us smile and take this as a bad experience. That’s why fire – cracker is not allowed.

So, how about you? Do you also have interesting memories about Ramadan right? Share it on your blog. Bye!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My favorite is XLR Camera.

Today, I want to talk about my favorite’s camera. Like I have told you before, I love to snap the photo. Whatever I do, whenever I go, at least there must be a photo that I took to be kept as memory. My parent especially my dad is really understands about my favorites.

Now, I only use a digital camera. I do not have enough money to buy XLR camera. J What I like about XLR Camera is, the photo that is snap by XLR did not blur if you are a professional cameraman. In addition, the photo is in high quality because usually XLR camera is 10 megapixels or more than 10. Actually, I had tried to ask from my dad if he want to buy it for me, but he said “If you want this camera, collect your own money and I will buy it for you.”

So, it will only be in my dream. Could you buy it for me?

example XLR Camera

My new album

Title: That’s not my album
Author: See Beng Kok

Every second (everytime – Britney spears.)
This song story about her love someone guy. They are in falling in love together. That’s girls really love that’s guy. But, at the end, that’s guy leave that’s girls because that’s guy already new girlfriend. I love this song because the arrangement of the music so soft and can make someone cry if hearing this song when in heartbroken situation.

Jerat Perpisahan. ( Jerat Percintaan)
This song from one of the popular singer in Malaysia – Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin. I love her as a singer too much. She has beautiful voice, good attitude and beautiful!Talk about this song, I started admirer Siti since she sing this song. If I not wrong, this song release when I in standard one. Its that’s true? Until now, I love this song.

Mocca – Seckret Admirer. (Secret admirer)
This song very chicky! The lyrics easy to understand and you never boring if you heard this song.

Doa perjumpaan. ( Doa perpisahan )
This song from brothers. I love this song because the lyrics and this song become our friendship song in high school. At high school, we are in same class around two years. So, we are so close in high school. After finished SPM ( Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ), we are sing this song together in class and most of them crying. Until now, If we are stay contact and do “ konvoi raya ”

Kenangan Tercorot. ( Kenangan terindah)
This song from Samsons. One of the famous groups in Indonesia. If I go to karaoke with friends, I will choose this song as the end of the song. When I sing this song, it describes what happen at the situation. That’s mean, a new great moment born at that’s time.

Stick with you.
Song from the pussycat dolls. These songs that make pussycat dolls become more popular. Love this song because vocalist from this group has a great voice! Sorry, I forget her name but I just love her voice. But this group too sexy. I talk about their clothes.

Manisnya senyumanmu
Song from Elite. I love elite too much as a one of popular group in Malaysia before this. Nowadays, that does no have this group again. They separated and do their activities alone. Most song from Elite I love like Tamparan wanita, trauma, Sesuatu di dalam dirimu, Aku siapa kau siapa and so on. Oh, I miss this group.

You and me
Singing by Aizat AF. Why I love this song because the lyrics. Aizat sing this song for someone her love in this song but for me, this is also friendships song. We are never success without support from friends.

I like this song because it’s related with my life. Love song. “When I open my eyes, I always want you.” A part of the lyrics.

This me
Love the lyrics! Easy to understand and it’s also related in my life. Most people like this song. I one of them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 facts about me.

Talk about 10 facts about me, I think is not enough for me. :) I want to share to my all friends because from this, they can 'read' what my secret behind name Amirah Syafiqah binti Jamaluddin. Hope you guys enjoy read 10 facts about me. :)

1. Love to read novel.

Oh no, I will be crazy when I know my favorite novelist launch a new novel. Do you know who is HLOVATE? Oh god, she a wonderful! Seriously. I have all her’s novel. From the 1st novel until now but I did not yet buy the new novel from her - PELANGI. hehe.. Not easy to find novel from HLOVATE at Segamat . So when I go back to KL, I will run over all the book store at KL. Like always, I will buy at Kinokuniya at KLCC. The biggest book store in KL. They always update their collection so fast!

2. Family first.

Yes! Very important in my life. Half of my life is family. I don’t care if people said why you always go back to your house every week? It can waste your money right? Please learn to be independent and your are too spoils. What ever you said about me, I just ignore because when you be close with your family, you will know how the feel the truth love from family. Seriously.

3. A little bit hot - tempered

Haha. I think 100 % follow my father. yeah, father's daughter. Actually, not all the situation I will change to hot tempered but in certain situation. I can control my hot - tempered for this time. That why I choose the man that have cool character. It will be contra with my personality.

4. I love all my friend.

Compared with friendship, gold is dirt. Right?? If you ask me, who are my favorite friends?? I don’t have answer because all my friend make me smile, make me happy, always in my behind if I sad or not. I just love all my friends.

5. Alarm and phobia

You know what, I will immediately wake up at the morning if I heard sound from my surroundings. Example sound from alarm. I’m so allergic with alarm. It’s make me in phobia. For me, sleeping beauty very importance and if our sleep is bother, its can create negative attitude at the morning. So, if you want to wake up early in the morning, just turn on your alarm, I will wake up you back. Promise! :)

6. Hostel.

When I know that I will continue my study at Segamat, I can't imagine that I will manage all my self alone! but now, people will be change and will be learn right?? Sometimes, people must be learn how to be independent.

7. Futsal.

Haha.. I love to play futsal. I love to play futsal since high school when my friend invite me to joint one game and become agent for my class. Firstly, I choose to be reserve but after that, I make changing. I can play under defend or striker but I mostly choose to be defend because it make me happy when I can hinder the adversary from make a goal. :)

8. Addicts to snap the photo.

Haha. I'm so crazy about this. In my laptop, have a lot of folder and it contain my collection photo. I will snap what I like and dislike to delete the picture because I think even tough the picture are not clearly but it have sentimental value that must to remember. After I have my own blog, I become more crazy to share my photo too all my readers. My father also will ignorance and understand if his digital camera lost because I will take and bring the camera to all place I go. That’s why I too take care about mega pixels in the camera. Photographing is interesting!

9. Shopping.

This favorites I think all the woman like to because as a woman, we have nine passion and one mind. Haha.. the places that I like to go shopping?? Of course Jaya Jusco because my size at there! Haha.. The price also not too expensive.

10. Universal listener

Music is everything. It can give you inspiration. That true. Music must be playing when I sleep and its make me become more asleep. After that, at the morning, I must charger my hand phone back because batteries are totally turn into zero. Haha..

Okay, that all I think you must know a part of me. :) Wait for the next entry. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

My classmate

1. Hafiz

He is one of my classmates’ active in one popular society - IRAMA. When you become close with hafiz, you will agree with my opinion that hafiz is open minded friend. You can share everything with him and he as a friend can give 110% attention to you

2. Dhamirie

Talk about dhamirie, my first impression, he was so bored because not talkative person and look more proud with him self but now, I think he can be a good friend. He also funny and love to smile.

3. Afiq

Soo quite person! Not talking too much but Afiq love smile to everyone. He has a girlfriend. They are very cute couple. Both of them were suitable and sweet couple. When you are opened Afiq's MySpace, you can see the photo Afiq's girlfriend. Aqilah is her name. Right afiq? :)

4. Zaki

He is intelligent boy! Dean's List every sem. Proud with you zaki. For me, I thin

k he is a smart boy and have a responsibility as a leader. Before this, he is quiet person but nowadays, he was changing! Talk too much and not shy anymore. Credit to you zaki!

5. Kashfi

He is very tall person! Love to play football. He is our class rap for subject BEL 311. Nice to be your friend kash!

6. Evra

He and Syukri is new student in my class. Same with Syukri, Evra also has commitments as a commander. I recognize him from nadia. Because Nadia, Syukri and Evra under one associations for Co curriculum - Fire Man.

7. Frenkie

I don’t know too much about him. I listed him in my quiet person list. I think, he try to be successful person in life. Good Luck frenkie!

8. Syukri

He is new in my class. Before this he is from D3 class but this seme

ster he was changing class. I don’t know why, may be because he has commitment as a commander Fire Bridget. I will talk to him or admonish him if I have certain points to discuss or ask.

We were classmate and also in same wing – FD Zamrud. I know her since part one but start close with her last semester because we are in same wing from last semester. She love to sing and her roommates said, she love to hear nadia sing’s nasyid song. We are also love to gossip together and laugh until midnight. Study together and we also love to talk or gossip in bathroom. HAHA.

She is talkative person and always confident in what she did. She loves to smile and make people around her laugh. She was closed with her lovely senior – Kak Zaza. To dayah, do the best for your life!

She has twins! Yes, I know since last semester. She loves to laugh and always think positive. She also can be considering with our opinion. To ita, I hope you can be strong person and just go on with your life. Next semester, Ina (twins ita ) will transfer to UiTM Segamat. For the first time, I can face to face with both of them. Owh, so excited!

If you don’t know her, people can said that’s she is a polite person, shy but for me, she is talkative person, laugher person and you can share everything with her. I know her since part one because we are in same wing, we do MMS together, hang out together from part one until now. We are so closely in part one and also with another five person that’s same wing with us. Oh, I miss moment with them. Even though now we are not in same wing again but friendships never end. Right anis?

Actually, she is soft spoken person and always smiles. As I know, she every semester DL – Dean List. Congratulations to you wanie.Sometimes, we always were going back to our home town together. We will choose train at 2.2o am. She also is nice friend. She always wears baju kurung. We are also in same college with me. Zamrud.

She very soft – spoken! She also is mix. She loves to smile and she also one of the close friend with anis. There going to class together. Nisa usually will wait wanie and anis at Intan.

She one of Dean List student. Proud with you lana! You know what, I think lana is cute when she don’t smile but when she smile, her face will turning blushing. Lana also from my opinion, she can be tolerated or can be considering with us as a friend. She also sometimes will lead our class in several activities. She also can help us if we need her help. She has cute brothers! Johan. So cute…

>So cute! I feel like want to huge you sina. Seriously! She also loves to make joke. She closely with lana. In class, both will seat together.

Azlin ( are-leen)
>She is confident person. She has a loud voice and she also one of the Jawatankuasa pewakilan kolej (JPK) for kolej Mutiara. She can be a good friend. She can manage her time to study and with her post.She also easy out going. I think, are-leen can survive if she alone in the world. Hahaha.. Sorry are-leen. Just jokes.

She one of my study mate. We always study together when final exam and share secret together. She loves to make jokes and make us laugh. When I saw leen, I remember one things which is “ I love your voice – Miss Didie.

I don’t know too much about her but we know each others since part one. She is the shy person. She closes with norleen. What I know about her, she love Hujan band! She is Javanese

What I know about her, she has boyfriend at campus. Huhu.. I think, Ila is fashionable person. If you see ila, you will agree that if I said ila like lecturer. Hehehe.. All my friends said same things with me.She also loves to smile. I know ila since last semester when she transfer from class D1.

She one of the intelligent student. Even though we are in same college but we are not close. Faina very close with ila.I know faina since part one. Good Luck faina.

I call her Shrek! Hikhik.. Why?? Because I am not Shrek. Okay, just jokes. She is my best friend at Segamat. Sometimes, she likes my sister because she has her own opinion. I also will share everything with her. We are always hanging out together. If you see that sue is the silent person, you are wrong. Hahaha.. She also is talkative friend. Talk too much and sometimes crazy. Sue, I hope we can be best friend forever and ever. Owh, I want to introduce new name for surriyah. You can call her Surriyah Murni if you want. Hahaha.. (Ops, beware mira. Sue will kick you after this. :p )

She also, I call Shrek. Why? You know, she gives a silly teka teki. She as me, “ Mira, toyol in English what?” I said, I don’t know. She answers, Shrek! I asking her, but why?? Because toyol and shrek has same color of body that is green. See? Can I say yana is crazy?? Yes, true! Haha..She loves to laugh, laugh and laugh. I and sue will become deaf if hear yana laugh. Haha.. Okay, be serious. She also one of my best friend at Segamat. We always were going back to home town together. Same as sue, I will share everything to her. She can be another shoulder to cry and share your happy story. Even though I not same college with sue and yana, but both of them always disturb me at college. Sometimes, I will receive “SMS hangit” from them. To yana and sue, thanks for everything. Love!