Sunday, October 25, 2009

The most I like about hari raya

“Mari puji memuji kepada tuhan, titis kasihnya melimpah seluruh alam... lalalala” That most I like about hari raya! Song of raya... Only when hari raya come, lagu raya will we hear at radio or CD. At that time, song of raya will story about different story like have lagu raya said about happy in morning at syawal or sad. Whatever the lyrics, I love all song of raya especially from Dato’ Siti NurHaliza.

Next, what the most I like about hari raya is new dress! Hahaha... I mean baju kurung. When hari raya will come, my family will find the color to make baju kurung and baju melayu. What especially about my family, we are will choose baju raya and baju kurung same color every year or the color of our baju kurung and baju melayu closely. That is my parents teach me and my siblings. We are wearing same color of baju kurung and baju melayu since we are childhood until now.

My siblings especially boys, they are not embarrass when wear same color of baju melayu. In addition, they will ask my parents what kind of color in this year. They also will give opinion what color they want to wear and sometimes, my parents will ask what types we are want to wear. On the morning of raya, all my cousin will excited to know what color in this year. Mostly will give credit to us. They also said my family like ‘ boria’

My uncle said, if one of us lost, it’s easy to find because only my family wear a same color of baju raya.

Raya 2009
In the circle is my family. Another else is my cousin and my uncle
In front of Masjid Kampung Sungai Tua Baharu, Selayang.

Raya 2009
I and my sister

Raya 2008


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