Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My favorite is XLR Camera.

Today, I want to talk about my favorite’s camera. Like I have told you before, I love to snap the photo. Whatever I do, whenever I go, at least there must be a photo that I took to be kept as memory. My parent especially my dad is really understands about my favorites.

Now, I only use a digital camera. I do not have enough money to buy XLR camera. J What I like about XLR Camera is, the photo that is snap by XLR did not blur if you are a professional cameraman. In addition, the photo is in high quality because usually XLR camera is 10 megapixels or more than 10. Actually, I had tried to ask from my dad if he want to buy it for me, but he said “If you want this camera, collect your own money and I will buy it for you.”

So, it will only be in my dream. Could you buy it for me?

example XLR Camera


Anonymous said...

i think so..
slr,dslr,xlr who d best..?
where d advantages..?
n how much d price for canon xlr..?

Anonymous said...

XLR? or SLR?