Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My new album

Title: That’s not my album
Author: See Beng Kok

Every second (everytime – Britney spears.)
This song story about her love someone guy. They are in falling in love together. That’s girls really love that’s guy. But, at the end, that’s guy leave that’s girls because that’s guy already new girlfriend. I love this song because the arrangement of the music so soft and can make someone cry if hearing this song when in heartbroken situation.

Jerat Perpisahan. ( Jerat Percintaan)
This song from one of the popular singer in Malaysia – Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin. I love her as a singer too much. She has beautiful voice, good attitude and beautiful!Talk about this song, I started admirer Siti since she sing this song. If I not wrong, this song release when I in standard one. Its that’s true? Until now, I love this song.

Mocca – Seckret Admirer. (Secret admirer)
This song very chicky! The lyrics easy to understand and you never boring if you heard this song.

Doa perjumpaan. ( Doa perpisahan )
This song from brothers. I love this song because the lyrics and this song become our friendship song in high school. At high school, we are in same class around two years. So, we are so close in high school. After finished SPM ( Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ), we are sing this song together in class and most of them crying. Until now, If we are stay contact and do “ konvoi raya ”

Kenangan Tercorot. ( Kenangan terindah)
This song from Samsons. One of the famous groups in Indonesia. If I go to karaoke with friends, I will choose this song as the end of the song. When I sing this song, it describes what happen at the situation. That’s mean, a new great moment born at that’s time.

Stick with you.
Song from the pussycat dolls. These songs that make pussycat dolls become more popular. Love this song because vocalist from this group has a great voice! Sorry, I forget her name but I just love her voice. But this group too sexy. I talk about their clothes.

Manisnya senyumanmu
Song from Elite. I love elite too much as a one of popular group in Malaysia before this. Nowadays, that does no have this group again. They separated and do their activities alone. Most song from Elite I love like Tamparan wanita, trauma, Sesuatu di dalam dirimu, Aku siapa kau siapa and so on. Oh, I miss this group.

You and me
Singing by Aizat AF. Why I love this song because the lyrics. Aizat sing this song for someone her love in this song but for me, this is also friendships song. We are never success without support from friends.

I like this song because it’s related with my life. Love song. “When I open my eyes, I always want you.” A part of the lyrics.

This me
Love the lyrics! Easy to understand and it’s also related in my life. Most people like this song. I one of them.

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